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Technical Features

No need to be an Engineer to run the show. Just have it your way, without technical skills.

Customizable Windows, Reports, Workflow

Create new windows to enhance functionality, or simply create or edit fields on existing windows, reports without any knowledge of coding. Simply use our inbuilt customization features.

Automatic Backups

No need of IT knowledge to safely run your system and take scheduled backups. Our cloud infrastructure manages scheduled backups and restores for you.

Strong Role and Authorization Functions

If it comes to roles and data access, have it just your way. A very strong Role-Data Security concept allows you to set any types of authorization concepts.

Audit Trail

Track sensitive data and get updated alerted on any changes, updates. Track system wide Audit Trails and be aware about what is happening in your system.

Plug-ins to other systems available

Our web services based architecture allows integration points to any types of systems and data sources.

Secure and Reliable

Your data is being stored on highly secured, awarded data centres in Europe, protected against any types of attacks, physical or virtual. Your data is transferred using SSL encrypted lines. You can always download the backups to your local infrastructure whenever you need.